Diana Howlett

Diana Howlett: Intone O My Servant 1

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Artist: Diana Howlett

Artist: Diana Howlett
Title: Intone O My Servant 1

These are a series of easy to learn setting of Hidden Words and prayers from Baha'i writings. The songbook contains lyrics, melody line and chords and a CD of the songs. They are ideal for developing singing and memorisation for all ages in Baha'i activities.

1.1 Love Me That I May Love Thee
1.2 Thou Art My Stronghold
1.3 I Loved Thy Creation
1.4 Close One Eye
1.5 Be Thou Content with Me
1.6 Healing Prayer
1.7 Busy Not Thyself
1.8 The Immensity of Space
1.9 Deny Not My Servant
1.10 I Have Breathed
1.11 Wouldst Thou Have Me
1.12 Abandon Not the Everlasting Beauty
1.13 The Light of Unity

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