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Diana Rose: You're Enough

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Artist: Diana Rose

Artist: Diana Rose
Title: You're Enough

The album, 'You're Enough' is like a musical storybook. It is a window not only into my life, but into the lives of those who have inspired me enough to write about them. In the past, I wrote songs based only on my personal experiences. When creating this album, however, I took a different approach. While a couple of the tracks are undeniably personal, most of them are live vignettes of other people's lives. I stepped into their shoes. I told their stories. For instance, the song 'You're Enough (Don't Change Anything)' is actually about my nieces, but I sing the song from the perspective of their mother. I got the idea for 'Inside the Lines' from an interview I watched on TLC about a tattoo artist who didn't feel accepted by her parents for pursuing her artistic dreams. 'Rather Be Single' is another song that doesn't directly apply to my current life situation, but it is sure as hell fun to wear the hat of a single woman and sing her anthem! In short this album was a blast to make, partly because of the production and amazing musicians featured on it, but mostly because it took me through a creative journey that has left me changed as a writer. I've learned how to let my emotions and my personality shine through my music, even when the songs aren't autobiographical. I hope these songs will inspire you, make you dance, make you laugh, and maybe even make you cry. Enjoy! ~Diana Rose~.

1.1 Inside the Lines
1.2 Tired of Gettin' Rained on
1.3 Everything I Got
1.4 Rather Be Single
1.5 You're Enough (Don't Change Anything)
1.6 Without You

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