Diana Ross

Diana Ross: Surrender [Expanded Edition] [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Diana Ross

Artist: Diana Ross
Title: Surrender [Expanded Edition] [Remastered] [Bonus Tracks]

Following the smash success of solo hit "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," written and produced by Ashford & Simpson, Motown President Berry Gordy requested another album from the team. The result was the critically acclaimed Surrender, containing the now-classic singles "Remember Me," "Reach Out Ill Be There" and the title track. Now, hot on the heels of Everything Is Everything: Expanded Edition, Hip-oSelect releases Surrender: Expanded Edition, containing the beautifully remastered original album and nine bonus tracks. Featured among the bonus material is "Baby I'll Come," the only unreleased song from the Surrender sessions, plus incredible alternate mixes and versions. Closing out this special set is the original vocal demo by songwri/ producer Valerie Simpson, who also sat for a brand-new interview exclusively for the liner notes. The CD booklet contains a new essay, song-bysong commentary and trivia, andWOWseveral stunning, rare and previously unpublished photographs from the Harry Langdon sessions for the original LP jacket. It's a perfect complement to the beautiful music.

1.1 Surrender
1.2 I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You
1.3 Remember Me
1.4 And If You See Him
1.5 Reach Out (I'll Be There)
1.6 Didn't You Know You've Got to Cry
1.7 Simple Thing Like Cry
1.8 Did You Read the Morning Paper?
1.9 I'll Settle for You
1.10 I'm a Winner
1.11 All the Befores
1.12 I'm Still Waiting
1.13 Baby I'll Come
1.14 Remember Me ["Diana! " Vocal/Undubbed Stereo Mix][Version]
1.15 Reach Out, I'll Be There [Alternate Vocal]
1.16 I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You [Alternate Vocal]
1.17 Ain't No Mountain High Enough [Alternate Vocal and Mix][Mix]
1.18 Remember Me [Alternate Vocal and Mix][Mix]
1.19 Surrender [Alternate Stereo Mix]
1.20 Remember Me [Demo Version]

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