Diane Ferlatte

Diane Ferlatte: Wickety Whack-Brer Rabbit Is Back

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Diane Ferlatte

Title: Wickety Whack-Brer Rabbit Is Back
Label: CD Baby

Many people know about Bugs Bunny, but before Bugs there was Brer Rabbit. Slaves in the South told a lot of stories about this little rabbit, who even though so small, was usually able to outsmart the bigger & stronger animals by using his head. Telling these tales gave the slaves hope & faith that they too could survive & persevere in the face of their troubles just like Brer Rabbit. You'll hear about Brer Rabbit's plan to save the animals. You'll see what Brer Wolf, Brer Bear, & Brer Bullfrog do to him, when they catch him in one of his tricks. You'll learn about how Brer Fox had a run in with Brer Bear, and how Brer Rabbit got himself tied up & almost lost his skin. Winner of numerous national awards & international acclaim, storyteller Diane Ferlatte, accompanied by Erik Pearson on banjo & guitar, brings to these tales creative imagination & the arts of the theater with humor, music, & songs. This CD has won the Parents' Choice Gold, NAPPA Gold, American Library Association Notable Awards, as well as a 2007 Grammy nomination.

1.1 Wickety Whack Song
1.2 Brer Rabbit's Dance
1.3 Huss Your Fuss
1.4 Possum and Snake
1.5 The Well
1.6 Number 9 Shoes
1.7 Wickety Whack Song

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