Diane Ponzio

Diane Ponzio: So Low You Have to Listen

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Diane Ponzio

Title: So Low You Have to Listen
Label: CD Baby

Diane Ponzio, native New Yorker, was chosen by The Martin Guitar Company to help them promote their instruments, because of her guitar playing, her songs, and her enthusiasm. She plays concerts in small halls where everyone pays attention, all over the world. Diane likes to make you cry. And laugh. And perhaps, approach things differently as a result of you watching her twist her kishkas onstage. She loves to sing for you, and only you. She\'s had two Martin Guitars designed by her, with her name on them, in the past 5 years. She\'s happy not being famous.

1.1 Sad to Go
1.2 Volcano
1.3 Got Alot to Learn
1.4 Benign
1.5 I'll Guard Your Sleep Tonight
1.6 Think Again
1.7 Find Me Lost
1.8 HMM
1.9 Basta
1.10 Hard By Design
1.11 Special Day Plates

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