Diane Schneider: Harp of Joy

Diane Schneider: Harp of Joy
Title: Harp of Joy
Label: CD Baby

This beautiful live recording combines the haunting mystery of Celtic and other favorites on solo harp with the spiritual power of unique and rarely-recorded Shaker vocal melodies. Dr. Diane Schneider was the first Director of Music at the historic Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, near Lexington, and she recalls the impact of this unusual recording session. 'It was actually a late night performance for close friends, by candlelight in the old Shaker 'church' or Meetinghouse, at the very center of their Village. I can still see the candles throwing shadows and glowing on the soft pine floors... I played the Celtic solos on harp first and the acoustics in there just made every note soar to the rafters...heart-lifting! Then I began singing my favorite Shaker spirituals a cappella and 'stepping off' some of the songs with the simple, rhythmic movements we know the Shakers used. 'As I sang into midnight, the audience grew as peaceful and still as the summer air. I think we all sensed the quiet presence of the original Shakers from the 1800's who sang and prayed and danced these same songs in this very same spot. Hopefully, their spirit fills this recording--what a privilege to record here!' Most of the year Dr. Diane is a researcher and specialist in vibration medicine using therapeutic harp in the Mayo Health System in the Midwest and Florida. She tours and lectures throughout the year, but always 'follows her heart' back to Pleasant Hill to lead spirituality and music retreats. Her other CD's of therapeutic harp music, 'Harp of Hope' and 'Harp of Christmas Peace,' are used in hospitals in Canada and the U.S. to calm stress and anxiety, stabilize heart rate, and address pain and other symptoms.

1.1 Come Back to Me
1.2 The Outlandish Knight
1.3 Lai Et Routrenge
1.4 Allegro Moderato
1.5 David of the White Rock
1.6 Ar Hyd y Nos (All Through the Night)
1.7 The Ash Grove
1.8 Promenade/Pastorale
1.9 O Come, O Come Emmanuel
1.10 Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming
1.11 Butterfly
1.12 Living Souls
1.13 Come to Zion
1.14 Simple Gifts ('Tis the Gift to Be Simple)
1.15 Come Life, Shaker Life
1.16 Love O Love Is Sweetly Flowing
1.17 Love Is Little
1.18 My Love to My Mother
1.19 I Never Did Believe
1.20 Farewell, Earthly Joys
1.21 My Sweet Home in Zion
1.22 The Humble Heart
1.23 My Carnal Life
1.24 Oh, the Beautiful Treasures
1.25 Mother Has Come
1.26 We Must Be Meek
1.27 Oh Brethren, Ain't You Happy?

Diane Schneider: Harp of Joy

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