Dicey Rileys

Dicey Rileys: Rows of Pints and Walking Dead

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dicey Rileys

Title: Rows of Pints and Walking Dead
Label: CD Baby

If the Pogues had a drunken one-night stand with U2, the child borne of that fiercely rollicking union might be Dicey Riley.

1.1 Glory-O
1.2 St. Paddy's Scar
1.3 Stand Up for Boston
1.4 Carrickfergus
1.5 Face Down Reel
1.6 The Graveyard of My Marriage
1.7 Empty Glasses
1.8 A Sip or Two
1.9 The Sweetest Vengeance
1.10 Katherine's Lament
1.11 My Collar Is Blue
1.12 The Althole Highlanders

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