Dick Gaughan: An Introduction To

Dick Gaughan: An Introduction To
Title: An Introduction To
Label: Topic Records

Between 1975 and 1978 Gaughan's working life was frenzied. As well as making three albums with Five Hand Reel, he recorded two of the three Topic albums featured here, the all-instrumental Coppers and Brass in 1975 and Gaughan in 1978. Described by John Peel as one of the five or six great voices of our time, Gaughan is a stunning singer. In December 2009 Dick Gaughan was inducted into the Scots Traditional Music Hall of Fame. Then, less than two months later in London, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award at BBC Radio 2's annual Folk Awards ceremony. The award was presented by Neil Finn of Crowded House who had flown from New Zealand at his own expense to be there. Dirty Linen magazine described Dick Gaughan as "Scotland's head and conscience." They should have added heart and soul.

1.1 Both Sides of the Tweed 3:41
1.2 The Pound a Week Rise 2:26
1.3 Bonnie Woodha 3:27
1.4 Coppers ; Brass / the Gander in the Pratie Hole 2:42
1.5 Crooked Jack 5:10
1.6 Gillie Mor 3:22
1.7 The Flowing Tide / the Fairies Hornpipe 3:51
1.8 World Turned Upside Down 2:49
1.9 Song for Ireland 5:04
1.10 Workers' Song 3:02
1.11 Planxty Johnson 2:36
1.12 The Snows They Melt the Soonest 4:16
1.13 Scarecrow 5:45
1.14 Will O'Winsbury 8:37

Dick Gaughan: An Introduction To

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