Dick Summer: Bedtime Stories

Dick Summer: Bedtime Stories
Title: Bedtime Stories
Label: CD Baby

New York Daily News, 1944 Dick Summer is a story teller. About the Author Dick Summer has one of America's most familiar voices. He's heard every day on national television commercials, and he spent years as a radio personality in New York and Boston. He's also a pilot, a poet and a hypnotist. Book Description BEDTIME STORIES is a 'Pillow Talk' starter for when you have company at bed time, and a 'Dream Starter' when you're alone. They're told by one of America's most familiar voices, Dick Summer. Some of them are fictionalized versions of listeners' calls to Dick's late night program on NBC radio. And some of them are from Dick's own life. Random House and Bantam Books published a highly successful series of these stories under the title, 'Loivin Touch.' Customer Reviews Don't know what to call it, but I liked it!, January 24, 2004 Reviewer: villagegreenjohn (see more about me) from Blairstown, NJ United States Without getting too syrupy, Dick Summer's CD's leaves you with a feeling akin to the long drive home after an everything-went-just-perfectly first date when you were eighteen (or 48!). Like the Supreme Court justice who couldn't define pornography but 'knew it when he saw it', or the 'fact' that anything spoken with a British accent sounds 'smarter', Dick's work is endearing and personal and defies categorization. A Magical Voice! - Dick Summer!, March 2, 2003 Reviewer: John from Florida I just listened to this CD again after about 30 times . His voice is the sound of a soft summer shower as you are walking through a forest ; as sensual as a first kiss from the girl you admired for months but were afraid to apparoach; Dick Summer is the the only one that could dull your nerves and at the same time heighten your senses! Thank You, Dick Summer! Bedtime Stories by Dick Summer, February 26, 2003 Reviewer: Jim Crossan from South Carolina If you grew up in the northeast in the '60s and '70s, you know that Dick Summer was the king of late night radio! He wasn't a bombastic monarch of the airwaves, but a soothing, reassuring and entertaining storyteller. When I first found out about this CD, it was like meeting up with an old friend! You'll enjoy these stories ESPECIALLY if you have company at bedtime ; )! They'll definitely enhance the experience. Even if you're not familiar with Mr. Summer's work, get this CD for some bigtime bedtime fun... Bedtime stories, February 17, 2003 Reviewer: A reader from Freeport, NY United States Dick Summer is a great story teller! Whether you are familiar with Dick from his Loving Touch books of poetry or from his career in radio, you will welcome this CD. The CD should also create new fans for Dick's warm and soothing style of narration. Dick says his father and mother used to read bedtime stories to him. His father spoke of adventure and his mother read him poetry. Dick's bedtime stories are about love. They're told from the standpoint of a man speaking to a woman. They are about mature love, immature love, requited and unrequited love and even illicit love. Dick's delivery is also very smooth and intimate. From some of the stories, I felt as if he were saying things I haven't got the words to say. A woman listening will most likely feel that Dick is speaking directly to her. I'm an unabashed Dick Summer fan and I recommend this CD.

1.1 Nothing Happened
1.2 Prince of Fantasy
1.3 I Miss You
1.4 On the Prowl
1.5 For the Long Run
1.6 The Dark
1.7 Second Chance
1.8 Mr. Small Talk
1.9 Got a Minute ?

Dick Summer: Bedtime Stories

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