Dielectric Sound

Dielectric Sound: 5 Liars

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Artist: Dielectric Sound
Title: 5 Liars

Dielectric Sound is not easy to describe. Some songs are prominently blues, while some songs are funkier than moldy shoes. Then there's the sound of pure rock, Americana, and sometimes a throw back to southern classic rock music of the 70s. The album 5 Liars incorporates all of the aforementioned styles from the funky opening two songs, 'Confidence' and 'Butcher and the River,' to a juke-joint ballsy blues song like, 'Dark Skinned Mama.' As a sort of interlude the album's middle track, 'Whiskey Rock,' is a loosely based true story, and southern acoustic song, which fits right in with the theme of the album. Influenced by the mountains of Colorado, 5 Liars tries to capture that majesty. Dielectric Sound is Joe Dorr (Bass/Vox), Andrew Merriam (Guitar/Vox), Keane Sumner (Guitar/Vox), and Caleb Tucker.

1.1 Confidence
1.2 Butcher and the River
1.3 Dark Skinned Mama
1.4 Falling Down
1.5 Whiskey Rock
1.6 Listen to Me
1.7 Burn for You
1.8 Low Road
1.9 Pavement

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