Dieselcreek: Not Far from Home

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dieselcreek

Title: Not Far from Home
Label: CD Baby

Jay and robert found their beginning as the acoustic duo, naked cowboy. A brotherly band was sparked at the bon voyage party for robert as he was embarking on his journey to India in april 2001, and from that band came the surreal riffs and southern vocals now heard in dieselcreek's music. Upon robert's return, the two decided to expand on their sound, collaborating with bassist sue butensky, and most recently drummer tim oldenburg. Contributing lyricist dave daley added depth and color to the music he helped create in naked cowboy, now as dieselcreek. Someone said 'This band just makes you smile, laugh, cry, hug your neighbor and just have a really good time! It's just what I wanted to feel when I go to see a band. The experience of Dieselcreek is awesome!'

1.1 Vertical
1.2 Patter
1.3 Gone
1.4 Brother
1.5 Magnets
1.6 Reflections of Nectar
1.7 Puppeteer Curfew
1.8 Skyline of Freedom
1.9 Walkin Stik
1.10 Two in My Pocket

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