Dilated Peoples: Directors of Photography

Dilated Peoples: Directors of Photography
Title: Directors of Photography
Label: Rhymesayers
Product Type: VINYL LP

Dilated Peoples have released four acclaimed albums, toured extensively and enjoyed sustained success as solo artists. Now, after an eight-year hiatus, Dilated Peoples returns with DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, the group's remarkable debut album under the Expansion Team/Rhymesayers Entertainment banner. Evidence and DJ Babu's new collection demonstrates how the group has been able to remain loyal to it's signature sound, style and sentiment while adding new and dramatic artistic wrinkles to it's already-extensive musical repertoire. With DIRECTORS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Dilated Peoples shows it only improved during it's hiatus, returning to a genre quick to dismiss veterans. 'I think the statement we made this time around is that the three of US are still here standing, making quality Hip Hop from our hearts,' DJ Babu says. 'We never chased trends and we always stayed true to ourselves. Even with the changes in the music industry and the world, we still managed to stay cutting edge and classic and, in many ways, independent. This LP is very full circle for us.'

1.1 Intro
1.2 Directors
1.3 Cut My Teeth
1.4 Defari Interlude
1.5 Dark Room
1.6 Good As Gone
1.7 Show Me the Way
1.8 Figure It Out (Melvin's Theme)
1.9 Let Your Thoughts Fly Away
1.10 Century of the Self
1.11 @Mrevidence Interlude
1.12 Reversal
1.13 Opinions May Vary
1.14 Trouble
1.15 L.A. River Drive
1.16 Bigger Picture

Dilated Peoples: Directors of Photography

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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