Dinka Malual

Dinka Malual: Wunda Wunda!

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dinka Malual

Title: Wunda Wunda!
Label: CD Baby

1.1 Wunda, Wunda!
1.2 A Prophecy
1.3 Dinka Anthem, Riam, Riam, Riam
1.4 Dinka Anthem (Women)
1.5 Who Will Remain in Our Land?
1.6 I Remember My Bull
1.7 Song of Longing for My Bull
1.8 Dinka Solo Anthem
1.9 I Wonder Why (Introduction)
1.10 I Wonder Why
1.11 Mourning for My Mother
1.12 Danger Is Not Far
1.13 Song of Thanks to Ethiopia (Introduction)
1.14 Song of Thanks to Ethiopia
1.15 Warning Song of Danger (Introduction)
1.16 Warning Song of Danger
1.17 Dinka Anthem (Women in Arabic)
1.18 Song of Faith
1.19 Dinka Anthem (Men)
1.20 Amazing Grace (In Dinka)
1.21 Hey, Hey, I'm Giving You My Heart
1.22 Let's Forget About the Past and Proceed to the New Year

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