Dinonastics: Dinonastics Bean Bag Songs Activity Songs

Dinonastics: Dinonastics Bean Bag Songs Activity Songs
Title: Dinonastics Bean Bag Songs Activity Songs
Label: CD Baby

About Judy Weckerly: Judy Weckerly, a former competitive gymnast, is the coordinator of the Margaret Maddox Family YMCA gymnastic program in Nashville, TN. She started gymnastic competitions in 1973, began coaching in 1981, and became the YMCA coordinator in 1994. While competing in Illinois she won the state championship in tumbling. She also was a state medallist on bars while competing in West Virginia. During her college years, Judy traveled and performed with the Athletes In Action gymnastic team to California, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. During her years of coaching in WV and TN she has taught 18 month olds through adults. Her coaching skills include preschool level through competitive level 8. Through her years of experience in the sport of gymnastics, Judy knows how to create a learning environment that is not only educational but fun and enjoyable. Judy travels nationwide and speaks to early childhood educators, homeschoolers, parents of preschoolers and gymnastic coaches on the importance of teaching gross motor skills. She is the originator of Dinonastics, a creative program designed to help teach gross motor skills and gymnastic skills through the use of original music. Judy is one of the national instructors for the USA Gymnastic Kinder Accreditation for Teachers and USA Gymnastic Movement Development and Lesson Plan Development courses. Judy has been writing original songs since 1982, and incorporating that talent into her coaching was a very natural progression. After marrying a professional musician in 1989, the Dinonastics Bean Bag and Activity Songs CD became a reality when her husband Scott combined his music and production skills with her songs. Scott helped write and arrange the songs, tapped into the endless pool of talent in Nashville, TN for live musicians, and recorded, mixed and produced the Dinonastics CDs. In addition to teaching gymnastics, Judy enjoys home schooling her three daughters. She has found it beneficial having her children involved in physical activity at home, as well as outside the home. That was the basis for starting Dinonastics, which has blossomed into an additional career. About Dinonastics Bean Bag Songs and Activity Songs: DINONASTICS Bean Bag Songs and Activity Songs is an original musical journey of gross motor skill development for pre-school and elementary school aged children. It features both general activity songs and bean bag activity songs in a fun, educational setting with the DINONASTICS Kids choir leading the way. Songs include Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, which focuses on fast and slow movement, Walk, Walk, Walk, which teaches different movements to move like animals and The Seedling, which allows children to be creative by imitating the growth of a tree. The Bean Bag is Hot is always a winner with children as they pass a bean bag (or several bean bags) as fast as they can. Throw and Catch teaches the basics of throwing and catching while Reach the Bean Bag concentrates on stretching. This CD covers all the basic Gross Motor Skills and the musical quality makes it enjoyable listening for both children and adults. Welcome to Dinonastics! You are about to embark upon an adventure that will prove to adults and children alike, that learning can be fun! Dinonastics is designed to teach children gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, body awareness, balance, flexibility and rhythm. Dinonastics combines activities with the creative use of bean bags, jump ropes, shapes and music in such a way that parents and teachers will enjoy teaching--and children will enjoy learning! Best of all, Dinonastics activities may be used either in the home or in the classroom. Basically, Dinonastics consists of physical activities geared especially for children ages 1 to 12. It is well known that a child's physical development is closely related to their mental development. The activities included in Dinonastics will teach children the skills needed to enhance concentration, visual and spatial discrimination, sequencing and abstract thinking. All of the music used is original, specifically designed to assist adults in teaching Dinonastics. About Dinonastics: Who has a need for Dinonastics? Essentially, all teachers and parents of pre-school through school aged children. Following the creative ideas and easy instructions provided, they will become confident with the material and activities in a short period of time. They will quickly see the relationship between the motor and mental skills being taught and the value to the children beyond their present age. As children learn new skills, they will be gaining confidence and security in themselves. The entire Dinonastics program was created and written by Judy Weckerly. Judy has 3 school age children, has taught children since 1981, and knows the art of creating a learning environment that is not only educational, but is fun and enjoyable to use.

1.1 Walk with the Bean Bag
1.2 Shake the Bean Bag
1.3 Reach the Bean Bag
1.4 Throw and Catch
1.5 The Bean Bag Is Hot (Short Version)
1.6 The Bean Bag Is Hot (Long Version)
1.7 Tuck, Pike, Straddle
1.8 Walk, Walk, Walk
1.9 The Seedling
1.10 Chugga Chugga Choo Choo
1.11 Gallop Like a Horse Does

Dinonastics: Dinonastics Bean Bag Songs Activity Songs

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