Dinosaur Man J. Carr: UFO Alien Space Rock

Dinosaur Man J. Carr: UFO Alien Space Rock
Title: UFO Alien Space Rock
Label: CD Baby

Claiming he was on several occasions, visited by extraterrestrials,'DINOSAUR MAN OF HOULTON MAINE, J. CARR, also known as 'LUCKY', Is releasing his many Creative 'Off The Wall' Music CDs, mostly geared to The Young at Heart, in support of his own Ideas,experiences and opinions. These creations are recorded to CD, in a Humorous Rap, Blues, Story Telling, Melodic style. Located at the top of Drakes Hill on Military Street in Houlton. If you drive by you will see various conglomeration of Luckys Art Exhibits. Ranging from Bigfoot, Indian Totem Poles, Alien Creatures, to the 'Ten Commandments Tablets', there are many other unexplained items that lucky calls his 'Pop Art' along with his working supplies. Lucky has been in a controversy for many years with certain people in the Town of Houlton, over his love of Animals, His Strange Exhibits, and his Rights to Freedom of Expression. However, Lucky Does generate quite a lot of interest, because, to normal everyday people, his interesting art exhibits, which reflect his Eccentric Ideas and opinions appear to be quite 'off the wall'. On any day you can drive by and see curious people pulled over on the side of the road checking out his Strange Exhibits and incomplete 'Children's' Museum' as he calls it. Lucky is known as 'The Dinosaur Man'. His Art has been featured on Maine Public Television in special broadcasts, not to mention the local news and controversial news coverage through papers and various TV Media.

1.1 I'm a Space Man
1.2 Ufo Talk
1.3 Toy Flying Saucer
1.4 Alien Rock
1.5 Alien in Jamacia
1.6 Oh There It Is a Flying Saucer
1.7 My Ufo
1.8 Space Alien
1.9 Space Woman
1.10 Oh My God
1.11 Lady Star Wanted
1.12 Milky Way
1.13 Meteor Rapp
1.14 World Is Polluted
1.15 Around the World
1.16 Alien Space Polka

Dinosaur Man J. Carr: UFO Alien Space Rock

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