Jim Jones

Jim Jones: On My Way to Church

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Artist: Jim Jones

Artist: Jim Jones
Title: On My Way to Church

The Diplomats are led by multi-platinum artist Cam-ron and also include protege's Juelz Santana Freeky Zeeky and Jim Jones. Over the past 3 years, they've been assaulting the streets and radio airwaves with their Harlem sound. ON MY WAY TO CHURCH is an anticipated affair as evidenced by the album's first single "Certified Gangstas."

1.1 On My Way to Church
1.2 Capo Status 1st Take
1.3 Only One Way Up
1.4 This Is Jim Jones
1.5 Let's Ride
1.6 Certified Gangsta
1.7 Jamaican Joint
1.8 End of the Road
1.9 Shotgun Fire
1.10 Capo Status 2nd Take
1.11 Lovely Daze / Memory Lane
1.12 Spanish Fly
1.13 Livin Life As a Rider
1.14 Twin Towers
1.15 When Thugs Die
1.16 This Is Gangsta
1.17 Crunk Muzik
1.18 Bend N Stretch
1.19 Talking to the World
1.20 Capo Status Final Take
1.21 On My Way to Church Outro

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