Direct Hit

Direct Hit: Crown Of Nothing

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Direct Hit

Title: Crown Of Nothing
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Product Type: VINYL LP

Direct Hit's third album, Crown Of Nothing, is the Milwaukee, WI quartet's most challenging, elaborate and downright catchy work to date - and it's built around the idea that heaven and hell might very well be the same place. It continues Direct Hit's unique strain of "fuck you, get pumped" party punk they've been honing throughout their decade-long career. Opener "Different Universe" has a killer new-wave vibe; "Pain/Boredom" is a guaranteed circle pit starter that evokes labelmates Pears; "Bad Answer" is loaded with fuzz bass, a disco beat and a sax solo that would make the Big Man smile from beyond the grave; "Disassemble" is so catchy, it could be something John Feldmann would write for Goldfinger and then sell to Blink-182. Direct Hit pinballs from style to style over Crown Of Nothing's 44-minute runtime, but it never feels schizophrenic - more accurately, it feels like the best mix tape ever. There's a reason why no two Direct Hit songs ever sound quite the same, too. The band returned to producer Mike Kennerty (Masked Intruder, Screeching Weasel), who's captured just about every note Direct Hit has played in the past five years.

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