Dirty Twon

Dirty Twon: Sicker Than Most

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dirty Twon

Title: Sicker Than Most
Label: CD Baby

Where the light glitters and 100,000 loyal fans are out of there seats cheering vigorously from excitment, you know that they our witnessing a once in a lifetime performer.Like the rearest jewel within a group of gems, Dirty Twon is a stand out artist amongst all and any you can compare him to. He brings to the table versatility, compatibility, undoubtable lyrical skill which enables him to collaborater with the best artists of our time. Dirty Twon, born Antoine Foxale Finkscarter was born in Hollywood California at a time were hip hop and rap painted newly viewed murals of life as the working man trying to keep his head above water. Blessed with a family full of musicains, Antoine was able to sit in during band jam sessions and even participated in ideas for songs. At the age of 3, his uncle taught him how to play the drums and he did so everytime he got a chance. At the age of 4, Dirty Twon won his first talent show performing Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean', but it wasn't untill age 11 when Antoine realized that he had a talent in spoken word.Antoine teamed up with his friend PJ to form the crew 'Da Unfadebles', also shooting his first music video at Calinas Park. Once Antoine moved to Pasadena for middle school, it was then that he took up playing the Alto Saxophone and in less then 3 months Antoine was moved up to the advanced band. By 8th grade, Antoine was playing side gigs at teacher banquets while the other kids in the neiborhood were still into playing sports under the streetlights.Antoine had became so good that he was playing songs by Charles Parker, Duke Ellington, and Count Bassie and had several high school trying to recruit him.

1.1 Twon Intro
1.2 Shut It Down
1.3 Get Your Party on
1.4 Freaky in the Bedroom
1.5 Running Out
1.6 Tamper with It
1.7 State to State
1.8 Smoke Break
1.9 Rich Girl
1.10 What Happened Was
1.11 Stop Frontin'
1.12 Hustlers's Theme
1.13 So Refined
1.14 Exclusive
1.15 Have Faith
1.16 Spectacular

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