Disimperium: Malefic Obliteration

Disimperium: Malefic Obliteration
Title: Malefic Obliteration
Label: Sentient Ruin Labs
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Featuring members of Misrule and Ascended Dead, Portlan, Oregon's black death metal/grind terror commando Disimperium emerge from hell with their pulverizing debut EP "Malefic Obliteration", a blinding assault of feral and merciless sonic devastation that will leave the listener crushed and disintegrated in it's path. With an impenetrably dark and ultra-violent sound reminiscent of blackened death and grind war mongers like Knelt Rote, Diocletian and Heresiarch, Dismperium tap into a mysterious realm of terror to harness the quintessence of chaos and negativity, condensing years of influences and concepts into a twelve-minute terrorscape of absolute sonic tyranny.

1.1 Malefic Obliteration
1.2 Fuming Nexus
1.3 Infernal Machine

Disimperium: Malefic Obliteration

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