Dismemberment: Embrace the Dark

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Artist: Dismemberment

Artist: Dismemberment
Title: Embrace the Dark

Ohio's blackened Death/Thrash demons Dismemberment make their Horror Pain Gore Death Productions debut with the highly anticipated album 'Embrace The Dark'. A lethal combination of old school and contemporary attitude, Dismemberment do not disappoint. Successfully blending melody, intensity, memorable riffs, pounding drums, catchy songwriting and impressive guitar leads, the result is a crushing release of raw brutality and fury! 'Embrace the Dark' was recorded with Travis Lautenschlager at Club Sandwich Studios in Columbus, OH, mixed by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) at Audiosiege Studio and mastered by Dan Randall (Ghoul) at Mammoth Sound Mastering. Features cover artwork by renowned artist Andrei Bouzikov. For fans of 1349, Absu, Acheron, Carcass, Death, Dissection, Exhumed, Gorguts, Hate, Immolation, Incantation, Kreator, Marduk, Mayhem, Morbid Angel, Origin and Weapon.

1.1 Confess Your Flesh
1.2 Eye of the Keeper
1.3 Archaic Wisdom
1.4 Labyrinth
1.5 Sacrifice Reality
1.6 Aura of Obscurity
1.7 Anathema
1.8 Monolithic Impurity
1.9 Born to Consume

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