Disney Doubles

Disney Doubles: Cars

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Disney Doubles

Artist: Disney Doubles
Title: Cars

2008 two CD. The Disney Doubles series combines two hot-selling related Disney music titles into one package, making it a great value item as well as a handy-dandy soundtrack to your Disney dreams! This set includes to titles related to the popular Disny/Pixar motion picture Cars: Cars Sing-A-Long and Lightning McQueen Fast Tracks. 28 tracks. EMI.

1.1 Real Gone
1.2 Life Is a Highway
1.3 Find Yourself
1.4 Behind the Clouds
1.5 Our Town
1.6 Route 66
1.7 SH Boom
1.8 My Heart Would Know
1.9 Real Gone
1.10 Find Yourself
1.11 Life Is a Highway
1.12 Behind the Clouds
1.13 Our Town
1.14 Route 66
1.15 SH Boom
1.16 My Heart Would Know
1.17 My Wonderful Car
1.18 Black and White Thunderbird
1.19 Road Trip
1.20 You Can't Catch Me
1.21 Rocking Little Roadster
1.22 On the Road Again
1.23 My Old Yellow Car
1.24 Hot Rod Hybrid
1.25 I Got a New Car
1.26 Pick Up Truck
1.27 My Old Car
1.28 I've Been Everywhere

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