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Dita Von Teese: Dita Von Teese

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Artist: Dita Von Teese

Artist: Dita Von Teese
Title: Dita Von Teese

2018 release. Dita Von Teese - best known for her work as a burlesque dancer, model and fashion designer - is venturing into music with her self-titled debut album. French singer songwriter Sébastien Tellier wrote and produced the 10-track record, spanning sparkling electronica to lightly psychedelic pop. Recorded in Sydney, Los Angeles and Paris, the album owes much to the talents of composer Sébastien Tellier, the singing of Dita Von Teese and the art of two instrumentalists -the programmer and keyboard player, John Kirby, famous for his work with Solange, Blood Orange, and Money Mark, and Daniel Stricker, the drummer of the Australian group the Midnight Juggernauts-who co-produced the album with Sébastien Tellier, under the name of Mind Gamers. Woven with powerful heartbeats, waves of liquid pianos, guitars cracking like whips, Chinese sounding motifs and synthetic steel drums, Dita Von Teese asks to be lured into it's intoxicating wake, as if the singer who had crossed invisible and tormented worlds had found the path leading to divine ecstasy. Playing freely with codes and trends, this suave and languid album has an exhilarating charm. The charm of a mirage, which, having barely appeared, vanishes in a flash.

1.1 Sparkling Rain
1.2 Rendez-Vous
1.3 La Vie Est Un Jeu
1.4 My Lips on Your Lips
1.5 Bird of Prey
1.6 Parfum
1.7 Fevers and Candies
1.8 Saticula
1.9 Dangerous Guy
1.10 Porcelaine

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