Divine Static: Divine Static

Divine Static: Divine Static
Title: Divine Static
Label: CD Baby

An eclectic mixture of rock, pop, and funk with lyrical depth, featuring the song 'Life of the Party' which is featured in the Season 1 DVD of the classic T.V. show 'WKRP In Cincinnati.'

1.1 Before the Dawn - Divine Static
1.2 More Than a Little
1.3 Questions Unanswered
1.4 Walkin' Right Next to You
1.5 The Life of the Party
1.6 Shield My Eyes
1.7 It's All About the Money
1.8 It's All I Can Take
1.9 Everything for You
1.10 If I Fell in Love
1.11 Power of a Woman
1.12 I Will Meet You Halfway
1.13 Give Me Air
1.14 Give Me Air

Divine Static: Divine Static

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