Divinorum: Power Liquids

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Divinorum

Artist: Divinorum
Title: Power Liquids

After 3 years, Bjorn Lynne returns as Divinorum to release an album together with his friends in the critically acclaimed underground electronic act Aural Planet. This CD is a friendship / co-operation album between Divinorum (aka Bjorn Lynne) and Aural Planet (Scorpik, KeyG, Raiden, Falcon). The album also features a guest appearance by the Norwegian artist Ariander, who remixed Divinorum's 'Mile High Club' for this CD. Using the composers' wide and varied musical backgrounds in Electronic, Progressive and Ethnic music, this is an album that combines deep atmospheres and positive drive with sensual, mysterious compositions. Trance, yes, but also much more than that. The album starts briskly with Call to Ancestors, a full and lush trance track with a slight ethnic slant - reminescent of earlier Divinorum material. As the album continues, we are taken through a continuous mix of powerful electronic music - some more psychedelic and some more melodic. The album eventually slows down with the deeply gripping 'Are You Human' and then goes into a kind of pulsating ethnic/ambient mode with the irresistable 'Liquid Incense', before the ambient 'Exposure' leaves you fluttering on the edge of the universe. ----------------- Reviews for 'Power Liquids': ------- 'All I can say is, Wow. This is a great Trance album, it really gets you going and has some great vibes! I'd say it has a much better quality than previous Divinorum albums, and it blends styles of Isms and Talisman together - Quite unique indeed. My favorite tracks, Call To Ancestors, which makes a great opening track, Are You Human is truely amazing, and the final track, Exposure is great too ! The rest of the album is as high-quality as you expect to get from these artists. Hard, Psy, Goa and normal Trance doesn't get much better than this. This is something I want to play loud so all the neighbours can hear. :-) Pete Baker, UK 'Power Liquids' is another excellent album from Divinorum! His collaboration with Aural Planet works well, especially on the tunes written by him. I whole-heartedly recommend this CD to music lovers everywhere! You don't even have to be into trance or other electronic music to enjoy this album.' - Bruce McMillan, USA 'It moved my spirit, it moved my creative spirit and it moved my mind to far away places. Another wonderful collection from Bjorn and I am so pleased that Bjorn acceted my award for most creative musician on the web. Please keep it up, your combination with Aural Planet obviously moves in harmony with you, therefore I would continue to utilise it to the best of yours and their ability.' - Julianna, Australia 'Get the Liquids!Perfect if you've f.e. to clean your rooms and need some fresh power in your veins. Insert the power liquids and feel it quickly. But seriously spoken: A very nice album if you like the music from the Polish Aural Planet musicians. And very unusual, far away from the usual music style that Bjorn normally provides.' - Lars 'Ghandy' Sobiraj, Germany 'I really enjoy this album - as such it's been in my daily playlist ever since it arrived. It makes my working day seem like only one hour long and when it's hometime, it's a license loser! Then, the last few tracks nicely bring everything back to sane (and legal) speeds! ;) I don't want to sound like I'm criticising past Divinorum albums, but Power Liquids makes previous efforts sound a little dated and typical of the genre. To me, Power Liquids is just so much more mature - in it's composition, it's choice of instruments and overall consistency. I can definitely see myself listening to this for quite some time. I really hope that Divinorum and Aural Planet team up again as they've produced a little 'gem'!' - Neil Casini, UK 'Fantastic CD! My wife hates it! Don't you love marital bliss?' - Danny Coffa, Australia.

1.1 Call to Ancestors - Divinorum
1.2 The Extract - Divinorum
1.3 Luv's Frequency Spectrum - Aural Planet
1.4 The Next Step - Divinorum
1.5 Call to Ancestors - Warp4 Mix - Divinorum
1.6 Trailblazer - Divinorum
1.7 Mile High Club - Ariander Mix - Divinorum
1.8 Are You Human? - Aural Planet
1.9 Liquid Incense - Aural Planet
1.10 Exposure - Aural Planet

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