Division of Laura Lee

Division of Laura Lee: Das Not Compute

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Division of Laura Lee
Title: Das Not Compute

DAS NOT COMPUTE takes DOLL to atmospheres only hinted at on their first release. DAS NOT COMPUTE is an emotional powerhouse, authenticity through an exhilarating combination of growling guitars, heavy atmospherics, swaggering rhythms and soulful, highly personal lyrics. The album shows considerable depth in terms of sound and mood and is likely to draw comparisons to Interpol, Radiohead, Jesus And Mary Chain and Primal Scream.

1.1 Does Compute
1.2 We Are Numbers
1.3 Endless Factories
1.4 Breathe Breathe
1.5 Dirty Love
1.6 Loveless
1.7 To the Other Side
1.8 Sneaking Up on Mr. Prez
1.9 Q2
1.10 All Streets End
1.11 There's a Last Time for Everything

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