DJ Babu

DJ Babu: The Beat Tape, Vol. 2

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Artist: DJ Babu

Artist: DJ Babu
Title: The Beat Tape, Vol. 2

A world-famous DJ with active memberships in Dilated Peoples and Beat Junkies among his most notable accomplishments, DJ Babu has made a noteworthy evolution. The Los Angeles-based turntablist also stands as one of underground rap's fastest-rising producers. In 2007, DJ Babu released The Beat Tape Vol. 1, an instrumental compilation of the beatsmith's soulful yet hard hitting compositions. It's also been 1-year since Babu released the critically acclaimed Duck Season Vol. 3. A self produced album that boasted tracks from MCs all across the globe. At the beginning of 2010, the Dilated Junkie comes forth with the instrumental follow up, The Beat Tape Vol. 2, on Nature Sounds Records. "There was no holding back with this album, I wanted to get the beats out no matter what. I wanted to give my fans a fresh body of music" Explains DJ Babu. "My mission with these instrumentals are to put some doubters to rest." For having 10+ years of production experience under his belt, most people know Babu as the World Renown / Champion DJ. "I want people to know my sound, all my beats come from a DJ mentality, so The Beat Tape Vol. 2 is a great outlet for me to showcase my production" A West Coast veteran in his own right, Babu has achieved a sound that can't be labeled by region or style. This album could be equally appreciated in the Bronx, Compton or anywhere in between. The Beat Tape Vol. 2 is a treat for all the true B-Boy's out there and a testament to the fact that hip-hop's golden era is alive and well and as Babu concludes the vine between the golden era and today is still deeply rooted "allot of the DJs that I looked up to became great producers, from Dr. Dre to DJ Premier to Pete Rock. In a lot of ways, I'm trying to carry that same torch, where hip-hop is still rooted within DJing and records."

1.1 Intro
1.2 I Don't C U
1.3 K-Dub
1.4 2024
1.5 Earthfire
1.6 No Secret
1.7 Sunshine Days
1.8 Mr. Lone Lee
1.9 Hold the Mark
1.10 Silly
1.11 Yacht Hop
1.12 Forever
1.13 Here I Am
1.14 Nelson's Cesar Salad
1.15 Takeova
1.16 Ready
1.17 Reneg
1.18 Canned E
1.19 Do Not Dispute
1.20 Gyeah
1.21 Strive to Be a Godfather
1.22 Ghost Romper Room
1.23 Lil' Juanito
1.24 Shack of Soul
1.25 Dracoola
1.26 Who Can't Hear?
1.27 Blackfoot
1.28 Kallen Durr
1.29 Mortay
1.30 Manferd
1.31 What R U Doing?
1.32 Funkydromedary
1.33 I Heart U for All
1.34 Finally
1.35 Elec Trick Sim Phonie
1.36 Innernathional Thylyee
1.37 Phlip the Trac
1.38 Preach B-Dub
1.39 I'm Gonna Stay

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