DJ Delf: DJ Delf

DJ Delf: DJ Delf
Title: DJ Delf
Label: CD Baby

D.J. D.E.L.F. is the D.J. and French Resource that is... « Déterminé à Enseigner la Langue Française ». DJ Delf is a new stage-name for the world-famous artist Etienne. Each song and aspect of life covered on this DJ Delf CD is designed to assist students in becoming fluent, independent users of the French language in specific topics related to everyday, functional living. Authentic activities include... Real-Life Skits with Interchangeable Vocabulary *Authentic Tasks in Everyday French * Practice Order Forms, Menus, Maps and More * Daily Journal Entry Subjects * 20 Years of Research-Based Activities * Anticipation Guides * Listening, Reading and Writing Exercises * Graphic Organizers * R.A.F.T.S. * Interactive BINGO and Board Games * Music Video Making Unit * Internet Research Tasks * Graphic Organizers * Evaluation and Assessment Tools *Metacognitive Checklists * Optional LIVE interview with DJ Delf and your French students. This is a living French program where students learn all about the real life and person of international recording artist DJ Delf. Students become a part the "journée typique" of a rock-star while navigating the streets of DJ Delf's hometown, eating at his Café, shopping at his "grand magasin", and learning about his life, friends and family living all over the world. Accompanying, authentic activities provide hours of practice perfecting proficiency, creating comfort and confidence. Learn more at the DJDELF website or the EDUCOROCK website.

1.1 Je Me Presente (Introducing Info About Self Including Preferences)
1.2 Ma Journee Typique (Discussing Daily Activities)
1.3 Mon Point de Vue (Good for Essay Writing or Supporting Arguments)
1.4 Suivez Mes Directions! (Learn to Navigate Cities and Streets)
1.5 Faisons Du Shopping! (Common Shopping Vocabulary and Phrases)
1.6 Au Cafe D.E.L.F. (Common Restaurant Vocabulary and Phrases)
1.7 Je Me Presente (Instrumental Version)
1.8 Ma Journee Typique (Instrumental Version)
1.9 C'est Moi (Instrumental Version)
1.10 Mon Point de Vue (Instrumental Version)
1.11 Suivez Mes Directions! (Instrumental Version)
1.12 Faisons Du Shopping! (Instrumental Version)
1.13 Au Cafe D.E.L.F. (Instrumental Version)
1.14 Une Planete a Partager (Instrumental Version)
1.15 Bravo! (Instrumental Version)

DJ Delf: DJ Delf

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