DJ Ganoe

DJ Ganoe: Trying to Find Peace

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Artist: DJ Ganoe

Artist: DJ Ganoe
Title: Trying to Find Peace

This is DJ's 2nd album to date. The songs are all written and performed by him. To capture his vision of the songs he went into the studio and played each instrument on the album himself. These songs are written about his experience with drugs, crime, and prison in the past, and his spiritual experience with finding God. His songs are testimonial, educational, and inspirational. Through an amazing sequence of introductions DJ found Opal Studio, which is owned and operated by Kevin Hahn, who helped DJ produce this album. This album is an artistic expression of his musical abilities. DJ has a lifelong desire to express himself through music. He has played with bands and other musicians, but when he went into the studio he decided to do all the instruments himself. As it turns out....this was an awesome opportunity for him to share, with other people, exactly how he hears these songs. So his heartfelt prayer is for you to listen to his songs and really tune in, pay attention to every detail, and let him know what you think.

1.1 Turn the Pages
1.2 False Prophets
1.3 Appointed Times
1.4 Trying to Find Peace
1.5 Truth
1.6 Live Again
1.7 One Day at a Time
1.8 Trust
1.9 Hope
1.10 Then Came Jesus

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