DJ Hoppa

DJ Hoppa: Network Networth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: DJ Hoppa

Title: Network Networth
Label: CD Baby

DJ Hoppa This producer/dj/computer slave has been making music for over a decade, and has been DJing & producing fresh beats for over five years now. Pulling his sound from every aspect imaginable, Hoppa strives to create music with feeling, emotion and soul, yet at the same time infusing every project he touches with that 'bumping' head nod sound reminiscent of the classic hip hop tracks that have inspired him since his youth. Hoppa's debut album 'To April From June', was so well accepted that the label Broken Complex has grown into a thriving outlet for good music to be created and pushed to the masses. Hoppa has worked with many different MCs/artists, such as AWOL One, Josh Martinez, Bliss n Eso, 2Mex, Life Rexall, DJ Moves, Champ (Move.Meant), ATypical, Sirus MC, Shogun, Mine+US, 5th Element, Evil, Mercury Waters, Chief Icono, Sirah, Cleen, and has toured over 40 cities/states in the U.S. On any given night you might be able to catch Hoppa producing tracks and rocking stages with and for the likes of Ghostface Killah, Qwel, Zion I, The Grouch, Funkdoobiest, Sabac Red, Mr. Hyde, Josh Martinez, AWOL One, 2Mex, Pigeon John, Louis Logic, The Shapeshifters, Ugly Duckling, Halfway House MCs, Daddy Kev, Candy's .22, Mine+US, Sirah, among many others. Discography/Accomplishments: • 2007 - November Hotel Room 'Belly Of The Beats' Beat Battle Champion • 2007 - Sirah & DJ Hoppa 'Clean Windows Dirty Floors' CD - Produced & Mixed entire album. • 2007 - An American Jester 'Rehab' EP - Performed all scratches on this EP • 2007 - 'Bring On The Summer' Spring Tour. 6-Week US Tour with AWOL One & Josh Martinez. • 2007 - The Beat Bums 'Bummin' For Beats' CD - Produced & did scratches on two songs 'Take Two Hits' & 'Get On Up' • 2006 - DJ Hoppa '$martyr and AWOL One Mixtape/Podcast' • 2006 - Mine+US & DJ Hoppa 'Avantgardening' - Produced & Mixed entire album. • 2006 - Bliss N Eso 'Day Of The Dog' CD/LP - Produced lead single 'Up Jumped The Boogie' • 2005 - 2X 'Beat This!' Beat Battle Champion • 2005 - DJ Hoppa '199X' Mix CD - Mixed entire CD • 2004 - ATypical 'Personal Space Cadet' CD - Produced one song: 'Life's Equation' • 2004 - DJ Hoppa 'To April From June' CD - Produced, Mixed, and Mastered entire album.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Up Jumped the Boogie
1.3 Never
1.4 Aguardiente
1.5 Travelling Carnival
1.6 Sweet Addiction
1.7 Drink Drank
1.8 Gargantuan Backpack
1.9 Get to Know You
1.10 I Hate Skits
1.11 Sneakers
1.12 Sending My Thoughts
1.13 Midnight Scenes
1.14 Day Job or Bust
1.15 Whole Beings
1.16 Underground Killz Remix [Mix]

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