Django Django: Django Django

Django Django: Django Django
Title: Django Django
Label: Because

Django Django who met at art school in Edinburgh, first came to peoples' attentions after a gradual migration to London a couple of years back. 2009's double A-side single 'Storm'/'Love's Dart' laid the blueprint for a confident, adventurous and psychedelically-bruised strain of art-rock that melds intangible electronic flourishes to the visceral rub of live instrumentation. The time since has been spent holed away, expanding upon that blueprint, seeing where they can push it. The impression one gets of Django Django is of a band laying down the first, meticulously measured borders on some vast map of a world that only they are privy to. Correspondent to that, each track is like it's own nation of harmonies, rhythms and textures. Django Django's story looks set to be a long and compelling one. By banging together their thirst for adventure and their exacting high standards, they've produced an album that seems to have everything, but on which everything never seems too much.

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Hail Bop
1.3 Default
1.4 Firewater
1.5 Waveforms
1.6 Zumm Zumm
1.7 Hand of Man
1.8 Love's Dart
1.9 Wor
1.10 Storm
1.11 Life's a Beach
1.12 Skies Over Cairo
1.13 Silver Rays

Django Django: Django Django

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