Django's Cadillac

Django's Cadillac: New Wheels

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Artist: Django's Cadillac
Title: New Wheels

"These guys swing, they sit all the way in the back seat and just swing like crazy" -Joe Craven (David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Stephane Grapelli) "From the opening track, Rick Hulett's infectious and heart-pounding original 'Formosa Please' to the final sultry, stirring rendition of the timeless Ballad 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' the crew takes us on an entire expedition of sweet harmony and captivating rhythm. These folks have been together a while, and it shows in their polished execution and acutely intuitive reciprocation. Years of being a team, simpatico in their tastes, you experience in every note how much they enjoy playing with each other. Throw in compelling guest appearances with percussionist Joe Craven, and you've more than you bargained for!" (review of New Wheels CD) "Django's Cadillac" recorded in 2003 is a 6 member band playing 10 great songs. Very unpretentious music...very skillfully played...joyful and light hearted but with plenty of depth...a wonderful blend of instrumental textures! -David Friesen (internationally reknown bassist) "Doing from band name, and CD name you think that very it is easy to understand, but it is the gypsy CD by the [jiyango] favorite humans. Because so, they are their original tunes in considerable ratio, having heard, it is possible to be fresh, is." -Google translation from Japanese swing web site (we don't know what it means either)

1.1 Formosa Please
1.2 Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me
1.3 Blue Rondo Ala Turk
1.4 Lullaby of the Leaves
1.5 Delphinus
1.6 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
1.7 Peel Me a Grape
1.8 Forget the Tears
1.9 When Sunny Gets Blue
1.10 Gata Salvaje
1.11 Somewhere Over the Rainbow

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