Djazil: Djazil

Djazil: Djazil
Title: Djazil
Label: CD Baby

FROM PARIS, FRANCE WITH A CONTEMPORARY SOUND Djazil is a meeting of five musicians with varied origins and artistic influences, focused on performance of their own original works. It all started in 2005: Thérèse knew that Mathieu and Cédric had written some compositions and organized a first rehearsal with guitar, steel-pan and bass. A few weeks later, Lukmil joined the new band and the group quickly defined a unique and complex vibe adeptly incorporating the distinctive sound of the steel-pan into a very modern jazz idiom. The quartet played concerts for four years but then perceived the advantage of expanding their musical palette by adding Jonathan on keyboards. Mathieu and Thérèse had already known and enjoyed playing with him in other musical settings, so having him as part of Djazil was quite natural. Fully rounding out and enhancing the sound on this record is guest percussionist, Laurent Coatalen, who also was the recording engineer (Mathieu had worked with him for ten years on various previous projects). Although each member of the group has his/her own musical life and influences apart from Djazil, the link between these five musicians remains very strong and feeds their desire to continue to play together. As this album shows, they thrive on creating complex rhythms, structures and melodies that showcase each of them individually but also collectively as one of today's most captivating ensembles. Hot Shoe Records is proud to launch the new Hot Shoe Worldwide label with the talented musicians of Djazil!

1.1 Mes Amis
1.2 Louisa
1.3 Moustic'air
1.4 Mazik
1.5 Les Pieds Nus
1.6 C'pa
1.7 Pastis
1.8 Swirl
1.9 Cerf Volant
1.10 Touchatou
1.11 Tropicano
1.12 Faut y Croire

Djazil: Djazil

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