Djin: Son in the Sun

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Artist: Djin

Artist: Djin
Title: Son in the Sun

Djin is a musician, painter and sculptor living on the island of Ibiza in Spain. His album 'The Son in the Sun' ist the first part of a trilogy that is actually the soundtrack to a science fiction cartoon movie that Djin is working on. Please visit his website to see some of his visual work.

1.1 The Son in the Sun
1.2 Angus
1.3 Zwischenweltenbahnhof
1.4 Chica
1.5 Morgennebel
1.6 Hydra
1.7 Die Stadt Erwacht
1.8 Vergn;#252;Gungswagen
1.9 Elvissa
1.10 Dela
1.11 Mainstream
1.12 Spinnenreiter
1.13 Stay By My Side
1.14 Der Turm in Der Grotte
1.15 Fallen
1.16 Burundi Baron

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