D'Menace Stahr

D'Menace Stahr: Memoirs of D'menace Stahr Part 1

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Product Type: CD
Artist: D'Menace Stahr

Title: Memoirs of D'menace Stahr Part 1
Label: CD Baby

Hey there, if ya like Earth, Wind & Fire, Babyface, Morris Day & The Time, Prince, Jesse Johnson, Sly Stone, and other music you may have missed or just wanna hear something a little different from the norm, then you'll like this album. A lot of heart went into this album. I'd say this album is just good ol' fashioned good listening music. Not a lot of tricks and gadgets either. I call it 'Home Grown Music'..lol It's definitely something on the album for all. So go ahead and check it out. It's at a good price and gas has gone down so you may be able to fit in the budget..lol Hope ya dig it at least a little. You won't be disappointed. Peace Peace and Much Love D'Menace StahrTM.

1.1 Gotta Go (Intro) [Live]
1.2 Be Wit U
1.3 Cum on Girl
1.4 Family
1.5 One Day, One Time, One Year
1.6 Moment with My Son
1.7 Life's Holiday (Still I Sing)
1.8 What Else to Say
1.9 Roll Wit Me
1.10 Piece of Mine/G'izm
1.11 Round ; Round
1.12 So Real
1.13 Sum'n Bout'cha
1.14 Stay on My Mind
1.15 Gotta Go

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