Doc Holiday & the Frankenstein's Monster

Doc Holiday & the Frankenstein's Monster: Doc Holiday & the Frankensteins Monster

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Product Type: CD

Title: Doc Holiday & the Frankensteins Monster
Label: CD Baby

Best Listened to while: Drinking Beer, Working on your Car, Making Love, Reading Comic Books, Walking down the Street, Riding the Bus, Building Things, Eating/Preparing BBQ, Shooting Hoops. The Best Background Music for the Best Things in Life!

1.1 Boggy Creek
1.2 The March
1.3 Hippos
1.4 Genosha
1.5 Don't Go to Hadonfield
1.6 Galactus Appititus
1.7 One Silver Bullet
1.8 1428 Elm Street
1.9 End Credits

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