Doco: Stereo Chemistry

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Artist: Doco

Artist: Doco
Title: Stereo Chemistry

Between Doco's three members one can easily find rock, reggae, hip hop, funk, jazz, and even latin influences. By opening all doors and putting no limits to musical ideas, the trio is constantly creating new sounds and expanding their musical gamut. Formed in the summer of 2004 as a by-product of a Winston Salem high school band, Doco is comprised of brothers Josh (bass) and Trevor (vocals/guitar) Booth and David Burkart (drums). The trio immediately started playing shows and writing music and has since built a following who have all become good friends due to the laid back atmosphere the group projects. After only a few years the group was headlining large local shows and touring nationally. Doco overlooks the creation of an image, believing that eyeliner and woman's jeans don't compensate for boring, cliche music. Focusing on songwriting, the band constantly creates witty, thought provoking lyrics, stuck-in-your head riffs, and moving beats. The sounds are always fresh, and often hard to contain in a single musical genre. Now, to answer a common question: HEY DOCO DUDES, WHAT DOES THE NAME OF YOUR BAND MEAN? So Trevor and Josh are brothers and their last name is Booth and, as you guessed it, are descendants from that one reeeally famous Booth. No, no... I know what you're thinking, but it's not the telephone booth. Both Trevor and Josh surge with the ancient blood line of John Wilkes Booth- the crazy guy who shot Lincoln. As it turns out, before he went nuts and assassinated a great president, he invested in oil company: his last true and legitimate grasp of reality. Unfortunately, the investment was a flop and Booth lost his all his money and credibility (then disappeared, not reappearing until his famous assassination). This oil company went by the name of the Dramatic Oil Company and was abbreviated D. O. Co. In a way you can consider D. O. Co. to be a psycho's last, desperate clutch for sanity before going ballistic and shooting someone in a crowded theater, or an adventuresome endeavor that's sure to fail.... but we like to look at it as a mildly interesting yet name-worthy historical fact. Instrumentation Trevor Booth- Guitar, Vocals Josh Booth- Bass Dave Burkart- Drums.

1.1 Experimental Railroad
1.2 Frank Dub
1.3 DB
1.4 Alligator Song
1.5 Atmosphere
1.6 Dirty South
1.7 It's All Good
1.8 The Truth of the Matter
1.9 Thing 1
1.10 Cocoa Beach Blues
1.11 Cameron Alexander Bevington

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