Dodge: Mutronic Injection Deluxe

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dodge

Title: Mutronic Injection Deluxe
Label: CD Baby

Caught between P-Funk and the Chrysler corporation Dodge's preference is clear: star bass, lots of analog and digital bass effects, funky slappin' and spankin'. It's obvious that Dodge is inspired by Bootsy Collins but in his way of playing Dodge takes it a step further. Gary 'Mudbone' Cooper assists Dodge on the title track with lead vocals and his Seven Eleven friends are all over the place. 'Funk Wheel Drive' is based on a strong hip hop beat. 'Ram Power' features the Seven Eleven horns and bassolo's of two Dutch funkdiva's on the bass. 'Slant Six' shows Dodge's emotional side with Seven Eleven lead singer Jewl on vocals. Mutronic Injection was released earlier in 1998. Now it's re-mastered with extra bonus tracks and available as Mutronic Injection Deluxe: Low down, nasty Mutron infected funk.

1.1 Mutronic Injection
1.2 Mutron Bomb [Direct Hit Mix]
1.3 Logic Module
1.4 Slant Six
1.5 Ram Power
1.6 Funk Wheel Drive
1.7 Dodge City
1.8 Tuned Car Mind
1.9 Highway Hypnosis

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