Dog Day King

Dog Day King: Dog Day King

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dog Day King

Title: Dog Day King
Label: CD Baby

Music is the most powerfull form of communication... Biography We have a very big appetite for music, and are in constant pursuit to fulfill that hunger. Although it will never be fully quenched, the journey is worth our effort. In our travels we aim to entertain others and make them move with our chaos, and hope we can sate the thirsts of those that demand to be entertained, dare to be different, and need to feel alive. Description Edgy, hard rock, sub-pop punk, electronic rap, death metal, with a dash of early 30's dance/swing jazz oddesy.... or you can just call us ROCK, just like what everyone else is... before their self proclaimed 'new sound' Band Interests Being very serious, but more important, to never EVER take anything too serious!! Artists We Also Like Alice in Chains, Tool, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone age, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin,Mastadon, John Mayer, Pantera,Citezen Cope, Dredg,Seal, The beatles... on and on.

1.1 Lighter Pair of Wings
1.2 Haunting Infinity
1.3 Tattoo Me
1.4 Bleed the Stone
1.5 What's the Devil's Name
1.6 At Days End

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