Dog Fashion Disco

Dog Fashion Disco: Sweet Nothings

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Title: Sweet Nothings
Label: Rotten

How do you escape the shadow of a legendary album? Simple. Make a new one that's better. With the release of SWEET NOTHINGS, the band's 6th album, Dog Fashion Disco has once again thrown down the musical gauntlet. Melding elements of Metal, Hardcore, Jazz, Pop, Country and Dub the bands new masterpiece picks up where their old masterpiece ADULTERY left off. Since it's inception in 1996 DFD has been a band that has strived to push musical boundaries and challenge listeners. SWEET NOTHINGS is no different. Recorded at Wright way Studios in Baltimore Maryland and produced by Steve Wright, SWEET NOTHINGS is a well calculated exercise in musical fusion. SWEET NOTHINGS is a no-hold's barred roller coaster ride written by some very talented people working at the height of their creative powers. It's been 8 years since the last DFD album was released and SWEET NOTHINGS was worth the wait.

1.1 Greta
1.2 War Party
1.3 Scarlet Fever
1.4 Tastes So Sweet
1.5 Doctor's Orders
1.6 Envy the Vultures
1.7 Approach and Recede
1.8 Down the Rabbit Hole
1.9 We Aren't the World
1.10 Struck By Lightning
1.11 Sweet Nothings
1.12 Pale Horse
1.13 End of the Road

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