Dog Latin

Dog Latin: Asunder

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dog Latin

Title: Asunder
Label: CD Baby

From the depths of Detroit and surrounding environs comes Dog Latin, a unique hybrid of folk, rock, country and various other flavors, combined in a musical mix that has been described as 'garage folk,' 'an enigma wrapped in a riddle', and 'the Velvet Underground playing country music.' The debut Dog Latin release is called 'Asunder', for it's lyrical and musical depiction of things coming together and falling apart. At the helm of this ship on a stormy sea is Chris McGorey, who writes all the lyrics and music, sings and plays guitar and whatever else happens to be laying around the recording studio. Musical support from friends Ryan O'Reilly on guitar, and Mike Haselhuhn on vocals help to flesh things out. A huge assist also comes from recording engineer Frank Pahl, a well known avante garde musical artist in his own right, who added valuable layers of cello, uke, melodica, and harmonium, to name just a few, to the mix. From the opening acoustic fingerstyle picking of 'The Way to the Way Back Home', it's obvious that Asunder is guaranteed to be a stimulating, rocky ride, full of unexpected twists and turns, and surprises around every corner.

1.1 The Way to the Way Back Home
1.2 White Knuckles
1.3 Railroad Town
1.4 Careening
1.5 Gazebo
1.6 The Philosopher
1.7 Spirit of the Dead of the Night
1.8 My New Friend
1.9 Ivor's Demise
1.10 Asunder
1.11 The Bonus and the Hidden Track

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