Dog Mulch

Dog Mulch: Ground Hound

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dog Mulch

Title: Ground Hound
Label: CD Baby

From the maniac who brought you 'Goat Bleeder'. Brings you more sickening, grotesque, gut ripping gore grind. With thunderous, hell raising chainsaw guitars and bass. Corpse bashing drums. And demonic growls so evil that Satan would praise them. A true malevolent masterpiece of macabre mayhem! Listen to at full volume and feel the brutality. 50 Minutes of dismembering death metal at it's most wicked and unholy!

1.1 Slaughterhouse of Dismembered Cadavers
1.2 Macabre Medical Examiner
1.3 Decomposing Carnage
1.4 Gruesome Experiment
1.5 Grim Confession
1.6 Gut Munching Zombies
1.7 Burning Remains
1.8 Night of the Killer Hooker
1.9 Mangled Puppy
1.10 Covered in Vermin
1.11 Mad Embalmer
1.12 Bloody Mutilation
1.13 Splattered and Shattered
1.14 Ruthless Cannibals
1.15 Deadly Obsession
1.16 Sunday Massacre
1.17 At Dusk You Die
1.18 Torture Slaves
1.19 Hell House
1.20 Morbid Cravings
1.21 Rotting Brain
1.22 Day of Eternal Darkness
1.23 Evil Ritual
1.24 Human Bloodbath
1.25 Inbred Insanity

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