Dohm: Watch the Rivers Run Red

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dohm

Title: Watch the Rivers Run Red
Label: CD Baby

Dohm is an ambitious human endeavor! We strive to provide the very best in both verbal and non-verbal communication. Words that open doors to new ideas and points of view while still being subtle enough to find an interpretation that is meaningful for each individual. The music aims to capture the spectrum of human emotions through melody and rhythm! With some two albums worth of music already prepared, Dohm began editing and shaping what would become their debut CD "Watch The Rivers Run Red", a thoughtful exploration of the many facets of our current American political and emotional climate. Dohm has explored these themes from all viewpoints without catering to the polarizing red and blue mentality that largely dominates the daily lives of our American culture. By delivering one breath-taking live show after another, they have built up an extensive and devoted Cleveland following that they have held on to with a simple promise, you will never see the same Dohm show twice. "We are always working on new material and new twists to the existing tunes" says songwriter Brian Pritchard. "People are starting to be familiar with the first album material to the point that we're seeing massive groups of strangers coming out and singing along with the tunes and fans coming from out of town to watch us play live". Album two, tentatively titled "The Circus" is in the works right now and Dohm wants you all to keep coming back for your fix...

1.1 Welcome to the Regime
1.2 Concerned Passenger
1.3 Two Faces
1.4 Collective Tear
1.5 Behemoth
1.6 Eternal Stalemate
1.7 Jerk
1.8 Meet at the Steeple
1.9 Guarding the Gates
1.10 He'll Pull Through
1.11 Watch the Rivers Run Red

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