Don Drummond: Don Cosmic

Don Drummond: Don Cosmic
Title: Don Cosmic
Label: Studio One
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Don Cosmic is a new Studio One compilation that chronicles the legacy and influence of Don Drummond, one of Jamaica's most legendary performers during the ska era. This collection features a handful of Don Drummond rarities, many of which have never been featured on prior albums. You can hear Drummond's timeless sound all across the Studio One catalog, and Don Cosmic is the perfect vehicle for shedding light on the trombonist's unrivaled legacy.

1.1 Roll on Sweet Don Don Drummond and His Group* 3:28
1.2 Don Cosmic Don Drummond and the City Slickers 2:34
1.3 Coolie Boy Don Drummond 2:44
1.4 Surplus Don Drummond 3:25
1.5 The Shock Don Drummond 2:31
1.6 Schooling the Duke Don Drummond 2:52
2.1 Reload Don Drummond 2:39
2.2 Last Call (Take 1) Don Drummond 3:16
2.3 Last Call (Take 2) Don Drummond 4:10
2.4 Far East (Aka Further East/Trolly Song) Don Drummond and the Skatalites 3:22
2.5 Green Island Don Drummond 4:22
2.6 Jet Stream Don Drummond 3:03
3.1 The Rocket Don Drummond and His Green Landers 3:15
3.2 Scrap Iron Don Drummond and the Skatalites 2:46
3.3 Rain or Shine (Take 1) Don Drummond 3:51
3.4 Rain or Shine (Take 2) Don Drummond 3:54
3.5 Rain or Shine (Take 3) Don Drummond 4:15
4.1 Grooving with the Beat Don Drummond 5:28
4.2 Serenade in Sound Don Drummond 4:19

Don Drummond: Don Cosmic

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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