Don Lee

Don Lee: Change Into Change

$10.30 $11.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Don Lee

Title: Change Into Change
Label: CD Baby

The Art Of Song has returned, and singer/songwriter Don Lee is at the forefront of the revolution! Change Into Change is his debut CD - eleven diverse songs brimming with hooks, melodies, insightful lyrics, and charismatic quirkiness. It's classic, contemporary, dynamic, and simply sophisticated.

1.1 Lover Lover
1.2 Don't Be a Stranger
1.3 All for Free
1.4 The Last Time I Saw Those Eyes
1.5 Cry Soul Aloud
1.6 Message to a Telemarketer
1.7 I Don't Dare
1.8 Into Your Paradise
1.9 The Girl That I Lost
1.10 Change Into Change
1.11 Don't Go

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