Don Peris: The Old Century

Don Peris: The Old Century
Title: The Old Century
Label: Badman Records

Composed for guitar, the Old Century is a tranquil, melodic, and heartfelt collection of beautifully recorded songs by long-time innocence mission guitarist Don Peris. With great regard for melody and song structure while employing guitar as it's vocal, Peris finds he can speak through music what he can not find in words to say, expressing his spiritual roots through his instrumentals. This is Peris' fourth album released apart from the innocence mission, and the third issued through the long-time support of Badman Recording Co.'s instrumental label Jemez Mountain.

1.1 Electrostar
1.2 The Old Century
1.3 Pennyland
1.4 Concertina
1.5 Palos Verdes
1.6 Catalonia
1.7 Flight
1.8 History in G Minor
1.9 Holiday Beach
1.10 Speedwall Forge
1.11 Marisol
1.12 Operadio
1.13 Swansea
1.14 Ranger
1.15 Bicycling

Don Peris: The Old Century

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