Donald Dixon Ray

Donald Dixon Ray: Call to Worship

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Artist: Donald Dixon Ray
Title: Call to Worship

Hey y'all. Thanks for stopping by - Well, a little about me - I was born and raised in a little city called Goldsboro. For those that don't know where that is. It's in North Carolina. I was raised by my loving grandmother because when I was just nine months old I lost my father in a car accident (He was only 26). Believe it or not but my brother ( 2 yrs older than me) and I was in the car at the time of this car accident and I was thronged from the car onto the highway later to discover that I was startled over by an 18 wheeler. Yes God has a plan for my life. My mom was in the car also. She past away nine months after my Father died. So I was left with only stories told of my parents and pictures that I treasure. Going through difficult times growing up and questioning God for many, many years I knew that God had blessed me with special gifts and talents and his purpose for my life was beyond my own understanding. I started singing when I was about 9 years old. At that time music became the "beat of my heart" I 've been in church all of my life and I often tell people.."I started coming to church when I was in my mother's womb" so I am definitely not fresh of the block! Over the years I have discovered my gift and love for music, and not just Gospel music but music as a whole! For if you are a lover of music than you understand what I am talking about. I love Jazz, R&B, Rap (da clean stuff), Classical, reggae and Country. (I am defiantly "Old School"/New School) I am a firm believer that music is the one thing that unites all man kind together in harmony! I have been blessed to also write music as well. I love to travel and I love the Outdoors/Nature. One of my greatest passions besides music is meeting and connecting with people who have vision! God has blessed me with a women (wife) that most people "DREAM" about (yea I said it,). We meet at the tender age of 12..and called ourselves dating at that time me being in North Carolina and she in Cleveland.....oh yea ... I remember our first kiss behind the church bus that night at one "HOLY CONVOCATION" and we were about 13 years old...LOL..LOL. ( the LOL is for the Deep Folks) In 1984, I re located to Cleveland, Ohio where I was officially called to the ministry. Shortly thereafter, I attend the Ohio School of Broadcast and Public relations to further my education where I learned the skills to become an audio and video technician. Shortly after I was licensed and ordained to preach and teach the Word of God. As an adolescent, I took my roles and commitments very seriously, and in doing so it inevitably led to numerous opportunities to serve in the Kingdom of God. Some of which include serving under the leadership of Pastor Luther Blackwell and late Rev. Bill McKinney, both from Ohio, as Video/Sound Engineer, Sunday School Teacher, Choir Director, Praise and Worship leader, and Armor Bearer for many years. I married this sweet women (Traci N, Kemp Dixon) in 1993 (and now we are just like Ike and Tina) LOl..LOL...LOL... I am just kidding !!!!. (God Forbid). Anyway, from our union we have two beautiful daughters to die for! D..Andrea and Danielle. We have been married for 15 years and going strong!!!!! I am so blessed and sometimes I have to pinch myself and make sure I am not dreaming! I also served as Youth Coordinator and Administrator, Ministerial President, Sound and video Tech. At True Holiness Temple, in Cleveland, Ohio. (My church home while in Cleveland) God has blessed me with the exciting opportunity to participate live on stage with musical artists Lynette Hawkins Stephens, Cheryl Frazier, Keith Pringle, Richard Smallwood, Jerry Q. Parries, Morris Chapman, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Darryl Coley, Dottie Peoples, Donald Vails, Carlton Fellows, Leonard Burks and the late Leonard Champion, and also the late Rev. James Moore. I also recorded the lead vocals on the Title cut theme song 'Just Say No' for the 2001 NAACP Image Award recipient for the best work of literary fiction, Omar Tyree. In addition, I've also done the acting thing as well. Performed and acted in the theatrical production featuring a duet with La Shun Pace entitled, 'Keeping the Family Together,' written by Charles and Delores Westmoreland. I was also selected to perform at the 2002 Gospel Music Workshop of America. My Passion and desire is to take the practical truth of God's love and reach the multitudes by any means and resource necessary and whatever vehicle God decides to use through me to do that then that will be the vehicle I will drive!!!!!

1.1 I Feel Jesus
1.2 Emmanuel
1.3 Call to Worship
1.4 The Answer
1.5 It Will Be Alright
1.6 Reverence My King
1.7 Our God Reigns
1.8 This Moment
1.9 This Moment (Reprise)
1.10 One Million and One
1.11 Father, We Can Trust You
1.12 The Answer
1.13 Emmanuel (The Remix)

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