Donna B

Donna B: Got Dang Country Song

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Donna B

Title: Got Dang Country Song
Label: CD Baby

Her latest CD has been described as countrified honky tonkin', jazzy, folksy, bluesy, funky, western swingin' kind of music. 'Got Dang Country Song' is the 2nd independent album released by Donna B, also known as The Ebony Cowgirl. Although hints of other genres appear on this album, there's a definite country feel throughout. Donna B, who wrote nine of the eleven songs for the project, demonstrates vocals ranging from sweet and pretty to down and dirty. 'I love to use humor in my songwriting' says Donna B. The Trash Can song is great example of that. It's a bluegrass tune about leaving a relationship so far behind that it's like emptying the recycle bin on your computer. Once it's gone, it's gone! 'It's classified as 'Rhythm & Bluegrass,' ' she muses. She may very well be the first African American ever to write and record a bluegrass song. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the very serious ballad 'You're My Family', is a poignant commentary on what the word 'family' really means. Blood relations aren't always family, and family is not always blood. Her stunning rendition of 'Amazing Grace' leaves you wanting more, more and more. It is performed as a trio with friends Glenda Cheek and Evette Isbell. The three refer to themselves as 'The Supremes Gone Country'. 'Their distinctively 'country' voices complement mine so well. I love singing the National Anthem with them. It gives me chills,' adds Donna B. Also featured on the album is the legendary steel player, Herb Remington. Remington played steel guitar with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys during their reign as the kings of western swing. Her songs incorporate the humor of Lyle Lovett, the feel of Patsy Cline, the raucousness of Marcia Ball, and the balladry of Mary Chapin Carpenter. About singing country music, Donna B shares 'It's not an attempt to mimic other artists. I'm not going to fake a twang to sound more 'country.' I'm just staying honest and true to my voice and the music I love. People appreciate that. There's room enough in the industry for what I bring to the table.' Hard core country fans and folks who think they don't like country music will thoroughly enjoy this offering. You'll get your money's worth from this one! Donna B, a native Texan, started performing in local oprys around Texas. These are shows with formats similar the Grand Old Opry in Nashville. She has since performed from Nashville, Tennessee to Paris, France. Her numerous opry awards, including Entertainer of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year, recognize not only her vocal talents, but her energetic and witty stage performances. 'I love to wake up an audience and get them involved in the show. I'm a ham, so I'm very comfortable on stage. It's where I belong.' Seems she's comfortable most anywhere since her favorite thing to do is 'anything adventurous.' - from skydiving and hang gliding to snow skiing or riding her motorcycle. Her adventurous spirit makes her feel right at home in the air, on the sea and especially in front of a microphone. Here's one to watch!

1.1 When You're Dead You're Done
1.2 Watchin' Drunks Drink
1.3 I Talked Myself Out of You
1.4 Oughta Follow My Right Mind
1.5 You're My Family
1.6 Got Dang Country Song
1.7 The Love We Had
1.8 Amazing Grace
1.9 I'm Lost, I'm Confused
1.10 Crazy
1.11 The Trash Can of My Memory

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