Dego Donny

Dego Donny: Tales of a Thin Man

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Artist: Dego Donny

Artist: Dego Donny
Title: Tales of a Thin Man

Donny Dego aka The Thin Man Mateo is a recording artist, engineer and partner at Frugal Farmacy media who has been involved in the hip hop industry for over two decades. Dego began his career working with San Jose legend, the late Charizma, and founder of Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf. After graduating from San Jose State with a bachelor's degree in African American Studies, he began working with Rage Entertainment's Raully Barron and Les Gimix, performing through the bay area including clubs from Modesto to San Jose. In 2006 Dego put out his first solo effort THE COLLECTION while working in the Silicon Valley's tech industry. Leater Dego recorded the EP VERBAL AMISTAD, planned as a self-promoted and distributed release. However upon a fateful meeting with Frugal Farmacy founders Morbid and MedsRX, he decided to shelve the EP, combine forces and record several huest appearances on ANTIDOTE.MONEY.MUSIK by Monstaz Inthe Statik. This being quickly followed by what is now his new full-length album TALES OF A THIN MAN, produced by MedsRX. Donny Dego, southern born and Silicon Valley raised, is a true MC that exemplifies the experimental yet entrepreneurial spirit of Hip Hop. Listening to this album will make it plain to hear that Donny Dego and Frugal Farmacy as a whole is worthy of your repeated attention. With your aid and support this project can achieve it's full potential, as we all strive together in this movement and evolution to greater and creative music industry.

1.1 Tales of a Thin Man (Intro)
1.2 Dego's Theme
1.3 Chapter1 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.4 Bring 'Em Back (Feat. C.O.R.E.)
1.5 Chapter2 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.6 Hip Hop Everyday
1.7 Chapter3 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.8 For My People
1.9 Chapter4 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.10 Gotta B Real
1.11 Tired (Feat. Morbid / Rusty James)
1.12 Chapter5 -Tales of a Thin Man
1.13 Life Moves Forward (Feat. Morbid / Rusty James
1.14 Chapter6 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.15 Turn It Up (Feat. Morbid, Lil Bit ; Medsrx)
1.16 Make It Clap (Feat. Medsrx)
1.17 Chapter7 -Tales of a Thin Man
1.18 Smoke (Feat. C.O.R.E., Medsrx, Morbid / Rusty James)
1.19 Chapter8 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.20 The Grip (Feat. Morbid / Rusty James)
1.21 Chapter9 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.22 Together (Feat. Lil Bit)
1.23 Bumper Cars
1.24 Chapter10 - Tales of a Thin Man
1.25 She Smashed \The Homey
1.26 Conclusion - Tales of a Thin Man

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