Dope / Cope, Julian: The Dee Dee Ramone Story

Dope / Cope, Julian: The Dee Dee Ramone Story
Title: The Dee Dee Ramone Story
Label: Environmental Studie
Product Type: VINYL LP

Here's some sweet relief at last for hi-fi fans. Yes, Dope's obscure "cassette-only" album is now available on white vinyl, again from Bristol's Environmental Studies record label. This limited edition LP features two side-long epics each of over 20 minutes in duration, and both tracks replete with that same gargantuan sonic overload of the band's two previous releases. Side one's "The Dee Dee Ramone Story" commences with Julian Cope's epic tale of 21st century gender bending and sexual enfreeing before it's low-key pulses become o'erwhelmed by the stratospherics of the Dope crew. Imagine very early Ash Ra Tempel through the filter of Brainticket's LP Cottonwoodhill (1971), and then some - er, and then some more. Dope are The-Not-Back-Off Kids, for sure. Side two's bumpy "Absalom & Ahitophel" appropriates the sentiments of John Dryden's epic poem from 1681, then feeds it all through Holy McGrail's space echo to achieve what could be called the most true rastakrautpasta. Packaged in fluorescent orange and white sleeve; Edition of 500.

1.1 The Dee Dee Ramone Story - Dope
1.2 Absalom ; Ahitophel - Dope

Dope / Cope, Julian: The Dee Dee Ramone Story

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