Dorantes: La Roda Del Viento

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Dorantes

Title: La Roda Del Viento
Label: Flamenco Scultura

Dorantes embarks his flamenco soul on an imaginary ship to dream of the voyages of the 5th Centenary of an incredible adventure: Magallanes and Elcano's trip around the world. On August 10, 1519, Magallanes left Seville with 5 ships, 265 men and tons of provisions that had been loaded in Sanlucar de Barrameda. They were facing a challenging trip, that seemed almost an impossible feat. 500 years later, composer Dorantes hoists sails in Mairena de Aljarafe with 5 movements for piano, Orchestra and Flamenco Choir to tell us everything about this unusual trip

1.1 Preparativos
1.2 La Calma
1.3 En Navegación
1.4 El Rumbo
1.5 Al Rio de la Plata
1.6 La Busqueda
1.7 La Agonía
1.8 La Guerra
1.9 La Llegada
1.10 De Santa Ana a los Marineros

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